Antique Solid Oak Architects Plan Chest Vintage 1920's


A wonderful old architects plan chest, in solid Oak throughout and dating from around the 1920-40's. It has a beautiful rich colour to it, and is mostly in good condition for its age. It is very large and heavy, coming apart in two separate pieces. There are signs of wear to the polish and some build up of dirt on the sides, normal for a vintage piece of this age. There is one very minor area of damage on the lower corner of one of the draws, shown in the images. The draws all open and close fully, though the draws in the top section have dropped a little so are a bit sticky. One of the draws has slats of wood dividing it into sections as shown, the rest are all bare. The brass handles and label holders are all original, and bear an engraving of a G and an R separated by a crown.

Depth: 91 cm

Width: 126 cm

Height: 92 cm

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