Pair of Danish Leather 'Modus' Chairs by Kristian Solmer Vedel Vintage 1960's

Pair of Danish Leather 'Modus' Chairs by Kristian Solmer Vedel Vintage 1960's

A beautiful pair of Danish Leather 'Modus' Chairs designd by Kristian Solmer Vedel, and manufactured by Soren Willadsen in the 1960's. The frames are solid Oak, and are very clean, sturdy and sound, with no breaks or repairs. There is only some incredibly minor wear here and there. The brown leather upholstery is original and the cushions are feather filled. There is some minor damage to the leather to report, but these do look in good condition for their age. There have been a couple of repairs, one on the inside arm and one on the inside upright back rest, both on the armchair and seen in the images. One cushion is missing a button, and the other has a small hole in the leather, next to the button. The hole is seen in the images, and as there is a big bit of overlapping leather inside it is hardly noticeable. The repairs are strong, the webbing under the cushion is intact and in excellent condition and the cushions are well stuffed, these are very comfortable to sit in. These were imported recently from Denmark.

Depth: 56 cm

Width: Armchair: 72 cm Single chair: 56 cm

Height: 66 cm

Seat height: 34 cm

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