Pair of Retro Danish Teak Upholstered Armchairs Vintage 1950's


A stylish, top quality pair of retro armchairs, made in and recently imported from Denmark. They have solid Teak frames, and are in very good condition for their age. The wood is clean and nicely finished, and the original upholstery is mostly in good original condition. There is some wear and a few very light marks, with one small gap appearing on the side of one chair. On the lower back of one chair there is also some fraying and a very small hole, seen in the images. these chairs date from around the 1950's. We also have a matching high back armchair and sofa, images are attached; please see listed under our other items for sale.

Depth: 60 cm

Width: 56 cm

Height: 80 cm

Seat height: 35 cm

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