Vintage Rosewood Sideboard by McIntosh

Vintage Rosewood Sideboard by McIntosh

£1,450.00 + VAT

A very stylish and highly sought after vintage rosewood sideboard by McIntosh. This model is called the Dunfermline, it was designed by Tom Robertson and made in Scotland in the 1960’s.

It is of superb quality and is beautifully designed, with absolutely gorgeous rosewood grain patterns throughout. There is lots of storage space, this is extremely practical as well as beautiful to look at.

We have had this stripped and re-polished to a very high standard, the condition is superb. There are just a couple of very shallow raised bumps on one side of the top, which are almost completely imperceptible.

Width – 214 cm , 84 inches
Depth – 46 cm , 18 inches
Height – 74 cm , 29 inches

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