1960’s Danish Vintage Teak Bookcase by Dyrlund

1960’s Danish Vintage Teak Bookcase by Dyrlund

A smart, very large and extremely well made vintage bookcase in teak, this was made in Denmark by Dyrlund, it dates from the 1960-70’s. The quality is amazing, and it’s in great condition for its age. This can be dismantled and flat packed, the shelves can be adjusted as well. It is a bit of a performance to take apart and adjust the shelves, so this will be delivered as is! The teak is all clean, strong and with only some extremely minor surface wear. There is a very slight movement in the frame, I’m not sure why, but it’s still very strong and can take a lot of downwards pressure. Once in place and with normal use, the movement wouldn’t be noticed at all and it doesn’t affect the strength or load carrying potential.

Width – 133 cm , 52 inches
Depth – 41 cm , 16 inches
Height – 215 cm , 85 inches


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