1970’s Vintage Leather Swivel Desk Chair

1970’s Vintage Leather Swivel Desk Chair

A very stylish and extremely comfortable leather swivel desk chair, dating from around the 1970’s. This is of great quality, and I must stress again, it’s extremely comfortable! We have had the leather professionally re-coloured, the condition is great for its age, with a beautiful colour, no rips or tears. This swivels smoothly and also bounces gently on the frame as if it has shock absorbent suspension, adding to the comfort. The chair frame sits freely on the frame and is not attached for some reason, however when in place it is sturdy and absolutely will not fall off the base! It just means that the chair frame can be lifted up off the base when lifted upwards by the arms.

Width – 64 cm , 25 inches
Depth – 60 cm , 24 inches
Height – 91 cm , 36 inches
Seat height – 46 cm , 18 inches


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