Danish Vintage Teak Cado Sideboard / Cabinet / Pair of Cabinets

Danish Vintage Teak Cado Sideboard / Cabinet / Pair of Cabinets

A wonderful and extremely rare Danish teak modular cabinet. We believe this was designed by Poul Cadovius, it was made in Denmark and dates from the 1960’s.

We obtained this from the original owner who bought it from Heal’s in the 1960’s, the original receipt came with it. It came with a quantity of Poul Cadovius Teak Royal shelving system units, all purchased together. The quality and build is amazing, we are pretty sure it an extremely rare Cado design.

It can be used in three different ways, as a sideboard, as a pair of cabinets or as a tall slim cabinet.

The two cabinet sections are beautifully finished on all sides including the tops and the backs. They could be used as bedside cabinets or end tables in a lounge.

This comes with two flat head pins, and each cabinet has a very small hole in the centre of the upper and lower side ridges. The long teak top can be connected to the pair of cabinets with the pins, to make a very useful sideboard / cabinet. When the top is in place, there are still two large gaps in between the top and the cabinets, so cables can be run through in a clean and tidy way.

In addition, the cabinets can be stacked to make one tall slim cabinet, and the flat head pins can be used to keep the cabinets in place.

This is in superb condition for its age, it has been so well kept and has hardly any wear at all!

Width as sideboard – 123 cm , 49 inches
Each cabinet width – 61 cm
Depth – 46 cm , 18 inches
Height as sideboard – 73 cm , 29 inches
Height of cabinets – 66 cm , 26 inches

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