The Eye Of The Storm by Esther Carrazana

The Eye Of The Storm by Esther Carrazana

£1,200.00 + VAT

The beauty and calmness that form within the eye of a storm is an inspiration for this artwork. A moment of peace and serenity, even when surrounded by a ring of towering thunderstorms, signifies a soul at the highest level of enlightenment, conquering fear, challenges and adversity. It is a reminder that we can all conquer our most turbulent existence without fighting.


  • splattering and pouring over unprimed canvas, combined with various texture elements to produce a high element of drama;
  • applying a blended technique to create a smooth transition from one colour to the next to add a tranquillity effect.

Length: 127cm

Width: 127cm long

Depth: 4cm

Style: Abstract Acrylic and texture on Canvas

Artist: Esther Carrazana. Exclusive partnership with Retrospective Interiors.

Esther is a Puerto Rico born artist of Cuban descent, residing in London. Her abstract work is widely known for its strong colours, social statements and challenging the norm. Her artwork has been exhibited in the UK, Spain, the US and South America. She was a selected artist for the London Art Biennale’21.