The World Puzzled by Esther Carrazana

The World Puzzled by Esther Carrazana

£1,200.00 + VAT

The World Puzzled is inspired by the current world climate and the various challenges humanity is facing whilst exposing utopia through magical realism. The continents (in various shades of red) represent our world in turmoil connecting with the oceans (in blue) as a cry for freedom. They are intertwined by a golden stretch that expresses humanity’s hope for a better world.


  • splattering and poring technique and washed blended paint to create unexpected colour patterns;
  • various texture pastes added to create a dramatic effect and a three-dimension of the painting’s surface;
  • additional layers of paint create a sense of depth and play with light effect.

Length: 152.4cm

Width: 121.92cm

Depth: 5.08cm

Style: Abstract Acrylic on Canvas with various textures

Artist: Esther Carrazana. Exclusive partnership with Retrospective Interiors.

Esther is a Puerto Rico born artist of Cuban descent, residing in London. Her abstract work is widely known for its strong colours, social statements and challenging the norm. Her artwork has been exhibited in the UK, Spain, the US and South America. She was a selected artist for the London Art Biennale’21.