1950’s Vintage Bureau Cabinet by E Gomme

1950’s Vintage Bureau Cabinet by E Gomme

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A very stylish and quite rare 1950’s vintage bureau cabinet by E Gomme. This was made in England by E Gomme, which a short time after became G Plan.

It is of superb quality and has a very useful design. It sits on beautifully splayed legs, contains a two door cabinet at the bottom and a fantastic pull down / slide out work space in the top. It is made from Agba wood, which has a gorgeous light colour tone.

We have had this recently stripped and re-polished, the condition is excellent throughout.

Width – 79 cm , 31 inches
Depth – 49 cm , 19 inches
Height – 90 cm , 36 inches
Knee height – 72 cm , 28 inches

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