Modernist “Curve Bench” by Nina Moeller Designs

Modernist “Curve Bench” by Nina Moeller Designs

£3,000.00 + VAT

A stunning and absolutely top quality design, this is the wooden Curve Bench, made by Nina Moeller designs.

These are designed with a very slight curve, and can be placed next to each other to make even longer continuous benches. They are versatile, and can be arranged in a number of patterns. In a large enough room, these can be put together to make a huge circle! These are perfect for public spaces such as lobbies, galleries, reception areas or libraries. Price advertised is for one bench.

They just came out of a central London art gallery, we obtained a number of these, so do enquire if you are interested in more than one.

We have some with eleven sections, some with twelve. They look almost identical to the naked eye, one is just very slightly wider.

They retail for around 4000 pounds each as new, so these represent a great bargain. They are all in superb condition, with barely any wear to be seen.

Width – 121 cm , 48 inches / 111 cm , 44 inches
Depth – 92 cm , 36 inches
Height – 78 cm , 31 inches
Seat height – 43 cm , 17 inches

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