1950's Vintage Oak Stacking Bookcase by Unix

1950's Vintage Oak Stacking Bookcase by Unix

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An excellent original vintage stacking bookcase in golden oak. This was made in England by Unix, it dates from around the 1950-1960’s.

It is of superb quality, it is a very useful and versatile item. This consists of various oak cabinets which have completely flat sides and simply stack and fit together nicely.

There are three long and slim open cabinets, two narrower, taller cabinets, and two single door cabinets which lift on and off plinth bases.

All cabinets are finished on all sides, so they can be flipped upside down or used on their size. It can be used in a number of different variations, the one shown is what we think to be the best looking and most practical. It would look great with a painting or flat screen tv mounted in the middle.

This is in excellent overall condition for its age, with only some extremely minor wear here and there.

Overall width as shown – 252 cm , 99 inches

Long slim cabinets:
Width – 175 cm , 69 inches
Depth – 20 cm , 8 inches
Height – 27 cm , 11 inches

Cabinets with doors:
Width – 38 cm , 15 inches
Depth – 41 cm , 16 inches
Height – 60 cm , 24 inches

Narrow open cabinets:
Width – 38 cm , 15 inches
Depth – 28 cm , 11 inches
Height – 81 cm , 32 inches

Overall height – 142 cm , 56 inches

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