1970’s Vintage Brass & Glass Display Cabinet

1970’s Vintage Brass & Glass Display Cabinet

A stunning and very unusual vintage display cabinet in brass and glass. This was likely made in Italy, it dates from the 1970’s.

It is beautifully designed, the frame sits on a circular base and has a sharp extension that raises vertically from the top, that is supposed to dig in slightly to the ceiling to stabilise it. The extension can be raised and lowered into place by twisting, and it can vary by a height of around 18 cm.

The smoked glass shelves are removable, this is beautifully finished on all sides, so can be used against a wall or free standing in the middle of a room. The condition is excellent for its age, with only some extremely minor wear here and there.

Width – 51 cm , 20 inches
Depth – 36 cm , 14 inches
Lowest height – 246 cm , 97 inches
Tallest height – 264 cm , 104 inches

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