1946 Vintage Radiogram by RGD - Model 1046G

1946 Vintage Radiogram by RGD - Model 1046G

A rare and impressive radiogram by the well known British manufacturers RGD (Radiogram Development Co. Ltd). This was made in 1946, it is the model 1046G. This was top of line in it's day for quality, and the quality remains to this day. We are no experts in vintage Radiograms, however this does seem to be in good working order. It switches on and I managed to tune into a few radio stations, I even managed to listen to the FA cup match between Manchester United and Spurs, and was surprised by how clear and loud the sound is on this! There may be one or two functions that need seeing to, I don't really know how these things work, so I don't know the ins and outs. But it does seem to be in good working order. The turntable by Garrard spins and seems to be in working well, I haven't tested it with a record but I assume it works. This in good external condition, with some minor wear to the polish and a few small chips to the veneer on the lower front edge. The case is beautifully made in Burr Walnut. This has been recently Pat tested for safety and is an all round classic British design. This has a Decca needle in place and comes with two small boxes containing some small extra pieces including a spare needle by Decca and pick up heads.

Width – 85 cm
Depth – 53 cm
Height – 81 cm

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