1960’s Danish Rosewood Bookcase by Poul Hundevad

1960’s Danish Rosewood Bookcase by Poul Hundevad

A stunning and very well made vintage open bookcase in rosewood, this was designed and made by Poul Hundevad, it dates from the 1960's. It's a great size, the shelves are all adjustable apart from two which are fixed, second from bottom row in the images. This has a beautiful colour and absolutely stunning rosewood grain patterns throughout, even inside and on both sides of all shelves. The condition is excellent for its age, with only some extremely minor wear here and there. The rosewood back panel has a slight curve, this isn't too noticeable, especially when books are in place.

Width – 109 cm , 43 inches
Depth – 31 cm , 12 inches
Height – 196 cm , 77 inches


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