1960’s Danish Vintage Teak Desk

1960’s Danish Vintage Teak Desk

A beautifully designed desk, this was made in Denmark in the 1960’s. The wood is beautiful but it’s to tell exactly what it is, it looks a bit like teak, but could also be a type of satin mahogany. Either way the grain patterns are lovely, the design of the desk is striking and we have had this fully stripped and re-polished to a very high standard; the condition is superb throughout. The back of this is also beautifully finished, so this can be used as a free standing item.

Width – 145 cm , 57 inches
Depth – 72 cm , 28 inches
Height – 77 cm , 30 inches
Knee height – 72 cm , 28 inches
Knee width – 60 cm , 23 inches


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