1960’s Rosewood & Leather Desk Chair / Armchair by Dokka Mobler

1960’s Rosewood & Leather Desk Chair / Armchair by Dokka Mobler

A stunning and hard to find vintage armchair in solid rosewood, leather and brushed steel. This was designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe, it was made in Norway in the 1960’s by Dokka Mobler. This is in nice original condition, the rosewood is clean with no damage and stunning grain patterns. The leather is a little worn, with a few small marks and indentations. There were a couple of very small tears, these have been professionally repaired and are not in danger of opening any time soon. There was also one small bolt missing from the side, we have replaced this so it’s all sturdy and sound, though the bolt we found was a little shorter than the original, so there is still a tiny gap where the larger bolt would have been.

Width – 64 cm , 25 inches
Depth – 56 cm , 22 inches
Height – 82 cm , 32 inches
Arm height – 65 cm , 25.5 inches
Seat height – 44 cm , 17 inches


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