Giant Fiberglass Duck on Wheels!

Giant Fiberglass Duck on Wheels!

A very unusual and fun item, this enormous duck is made from fiberglass, it rolls on wheels and has a carrying handle on each side. I’m not sure of the purpose, mostly likely for advertising, but it’s a fantastic and unique novelty item. I’m not sure where you would even have one of these made, but we have one and you’re not likely to see one again! The condition is mostly good, there are some minor light marks here and there, and there is a small bit of damage to the fiberglass on each of the back sides, not too noticeable when standing up close as it appears on the underside of the curved side. These could be filled and painted over to be repaired.

Width – 158 cm , 72 inches
Depth – 130 cm , 51 inches
Height – 147 cm , 58 inches

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